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Message from Father Jim Petrie

May 31, 2020 – Pentecost Sunday

Dear Parishioners and friends of Saint Benedict Parish,

I hope that this communication finds you and your families, healthy and content. Today is Pentecost – fifty days after the celebration of the Lord’s resurrection from the dead. It is so hard to comprehend that we have not been able to be together during the entire Easter season which concludes today. However, today’s solemnity is a powerful reminder to us, that during the course of our lives, we are never alone – the Holy Spirit – continues to work in and be part of our world and of our lives. Despite the coronavirus pandemic and the social isolation. Despite the global unrest to get back to normal. Despite the violence and instability, we are seeing and experiencing due to racial tensions. Despite all the problems we must face – God is with His children. When we feel overwhelmed by the negativity around us, remember we are never alone.

The quarantine still continues. We are encouraged to follow the directives of our national and provincial leaders, our medical professionals and our spiritual leaders. Our diocese and parishes are awaiting the time when we can once again resume parish life. However, this may mean some protocols initially to ensure the safety of all persons. In the meantime we still utilize the resources available to us to celebrate our faith, such as The Mass being celebrated on television and online. Our Ordinary, Bishop Douglas Crosby continues to celebrate the Mass on Sundays at 1:00 pm on CHCH-TV from the Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King in Hamilton. This absence from our parish community will only give us a greater appreciation for the Eucharist and our parish family. I wait in great anticipation with you for the time we can gather once again as a parish.

One of the great casualties of this pandemic has been the exposure of the failures in our care for the elderly among us. We must strive as individuals, as neighbours, as a community, as parishioners and simply as fellow human beings, to reach out and care for the elderly in our midst. As a parish, let’s try to emulate Jesus and see His presence in our senior brothers and sisters. When we resume as a parish community, I would like to explore ways in which we can do our part to reach out to the elderly of our parish and how we can make them feel more a part of our parish community.

God bless you!

Father Jim Petrie (Pastor)


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