The Eucharist and How to Receive

The Eucharist is our family meal. Family meals provide us an opportunity to experience life as a unit; as a family community. It is here where we tell our stories and share our experiences which make our family unique. As a Church we are nourished by Christ himself. Our unique families are joined by others around the same altar. Communion with Jesus and one another forms us into the Body of Christ.

How to Receive the Eucharist

 When you move forward, bow your head as the person in front of you receives Jesus. This is a reminder that we are doing something very special and are asking Jesus to strengthen us for the week ahead.

The Minister of the The Eucharist will say to you: “The Body of Christ.” We respond: “AMEN”

What does AMEN mean? It means “Yes, I believe”. I believe that this bread has been transformed into Christ’s body by the Holy Spirit. It means I believe in Jesus.







In order to receive the Eucharist, we must make a throne for Jesus with our hands. Our writing hand is placed under the other hand and forms a cup. Keep your hands curved but open so that there is a place for the Minister of the Eucharist to place Jesus.

Use your writing hand (the one underneath the cupped hand) to put Jesus in your mouth. Gently chew and swallow.

You may also receive Jesus on your tongue. It is important that if you choose this method to receive Christ that you are standing still and not moving.

Come forward.        When the Minister of     the Eucharist     says “The      Body    of    Christ”,     you respond “AMEN”. Then stick out your tongue far enough and open your mouth wide enough so the Minister may place Jesus on your tongue. Close your mouth, gently chew and swallow and return to your pew.

Prayer after Communion

 After you return to your seat, take the time to say a prayer of thanks to God and or join in the singing. You could also ask him to help you in the coming week to be more like Jesus. Be respectful as others in the church family move forward to receive Jesus.



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