Healing Retreat

Date :
May 10th to 12th
Venue :
st. Benedict Parish Hall


St. Benedict Parish -May 10th to 12th

The retreat theme is based on the teaching of Dr. Bob Schuchts, author of “Be Healed”. This retreat seeks to help you uncover the lies that are rooted in past wounds and to renounce them in the name of Jesus. From there, you will be free to found your identity as a son or daughter of God in the truth that he speaks to you in your place of brokenness. In a gentle approach that respects the time you may need, this healing retreat helps to open up the most difficult parts of your personal history to Jesus, in the context of his loving care for you, so that you can be restored by his love.

Registration in advance is required as space is limited. Register online at regnumchristiontario.org  or contact Tima Borges at events@regnumchristiontario.org