Retreat for Couples

Date :
April 27th
Venue :
St. Benedict Parish
Time :
9am to 3pm

Retreat for Couples – 4 Habits to Nourish Happiness in Married Life

About the event

This retreat is fruit of a partnership between St Benedict Parish and Regnum Christi. During the event, we will explore 4 habits that help increase happiness and how they can be lived in the beautiful vocation to married life. The content is based on cutting-edge scientific research and in the Gospel. It applies to all facets of life.

Fr. Pierre Caouette LC will be leading it with a team of collaborators. The retreat will consist of fellowship, Mass, talks, personal prayer & one-on-one dynamics.

Time & Location:

Saturday April 27th, 9am – 3:00 pm

St Benedict Parish, 300 Yates Dr, Milton

Lunch and snacks will be provided.


Registration is required & space is limited.

The registration fee will cover the expenses and serve as stipends for the preachers.

RSVP: Please click the link below to register:

If you have any questions, please contact Tima at

See you there & God bless!