Nov 2020 New Church Message

Dear Friends,

I am just taking a moment to inform you that the dedication and blessing of the new Saint Benedict Roman Catholic Church, which was to take place this coming Sunday, November 29th has been postponed.  Some of you are already aware of this fact from the announcement at Mass but in case, you may not be aware, I thought I would let you know.

Due to the rising numbers of the COVID infections and due to some construction work still not completed, the diocese and myself felt that out of an abundance of caution that we would postpone this important event in our parish community.  The date of blessing and dedication has not be determined as of yet but it will likely be in the late spring or early summer.  Hopefully, the health pandemic situation will be more controlled and this will ensure that more people will be able to be part of this event.

We are planning to be in the new church in the near future for the celebration of our weekend Masses.

God bless,
Father Jim Petrie